Each gradient is a vignette of an experience or place in my Passing Memories series. I attempt to commit important events in my life to memory via painting. I meditate over photos I’ve taken/have been tagged in on social media. I also mine color purely from memory. Cold wax and oil paint are swiped across the canvas to conceal extraneous possibilities and to limit sentimentality. A thin trace of landscape is revealed. Skin tones, days at the beach, climbing a mountain with a lover, my parents’ backyard, a city sidewalk, the bayous in Louisiana where my ancestors once lived. Color triggers these recollections.

In my Sports Abstraction Series, I paint marks and forms that correspond with actions and symbols found in sports including brackets, suicide running drills, strategic play formations, trophies, and so on. I am fascinated by systems and parallels within art and sports. People often learn major life lessons thru sports; among those lessons are rules, conflict, collective action, democracy, fairness, morality, ambition, circumstance, and hierarchy. Part of why I choose to paint with oil on canvas is because each rectangle is like a court or field where there are specific rules, logic, and history. The studio is like an arena where unscripted drama can take place.